Meet our Staff

MCC’s staff exists to serve you! Should you have specific questions, comments, or even want to volunteer with your particular gifts/skills in an area of ministry, these folks are a good place to start!

Wayne McDonald – Pastor

I was born and raised in north Mississippi. My spiritual journey began at age five while sitting on my mother’s lap, hearing the story of Jesus’ crucifixion. As Mom explained the Lord’s innocence and goodness, that Jesus had voluntarily accepted the punishment we all deserved for disobeying God’s law, the punishment I deserved, a little boy’s heart was captivated. I’ve never gotten over it!
When it came time to go to college, I chose to attend The University of Mississippi, better known as Ole Miss. There I was engaged in an excellent campus Christian group, The Navigators, which cultivated my faith to grow richer and deeper. In 1979 I graduated with a business degree, but as an upper-classman God began leading me to prepare for a life in ministry. Upon graduation I began a Master’s program at Columbia International University (formerly Columbia Bible College) in Columbia, South Carolina. After two years there I was convinced that God wanted me to pursue pastoral training at Dallas Theological Seminary. So, I moved to Dallas and began work on a Master of Theology degree, which I received in 1986. While at DTS, I cut my teeth in ministry while serving in various roles in the Single Adult Ministry of First Baptist Church, Dallas.
Along the way I met my match in a young attorney named Brenda Nichols. We married in 1988 while serving Coronado Baptist Church in El Paso, Texas. God began to stir us up with a specific desire to plant a non-denominational church that would reach folks who might not associate themselves with more traditional, “name-brand” styles of church.
On April Fool’s Day, 1990, Metrocrest Community Church was born through the efforts of six like-minded friends, and the fellowship has kept me hopping ever since!
During those early years the Lord gave us two magnificent gifts, Claire and Meredith, who own their father’s heart. Both purposefully choose to follow Christ daily as young adults, for which both Mom and Dad are joyously grateful. In 2014 Claire married a gifted and Godly young man, Graham McMillan, who also walks with God.
Brenda and I are thrilled and thankful for God’s continuous grace and generosity to us. We would love to walk alongside you as you, too, discover the long reach of God’s goodness.

Geo Ammerman – Discipleship/Team Development

Growing in up in the suburbs of Dallas, I was raised in and around the church. Family prayer and devotions were the norm in my household. As a young child I remember understanding that I was broken, and that Jesus loved me and died for me. Thus as a five-year- old, though I only had a five-year- old understanding of the Gospel, I decided to follow Jesus as the Lord of my life.
Into middle school and high school, I grew in ownership of my faith. Desiring to spend time with God and obey his commands. I was able to grow in leadership and discipleship at my church and school. During this season my awareness of own depravity came into the light in a new way as I sought the approval of my peers and came into contact with pornography. This is a season where I began to live a dual life, struggling with my own depravity in isolation, but trying to live a life pleasing to God in community.

As I went to college, God brought me to my knees as my sin began affecting those around me. My eyes were opened to the pride and self-righteousness in my life and I began to realize my need for God’s lordship in my life. After spending two years doing college ministry with Cru at Kansas State University, my alma mater, I moved back to Dallas where I got involved with a residency program at Watermark Community Church, developing my heart for the local church.
Through these experiences, I recognized my passion for service and shepherding and God-given desire to pastor God’s people. Through a family friend I was first introduced to Metrocrest and was quickly impressed with the humility and faithfulness of the church and it’s leadership. I eagerly jumped on board September 2017.
In my free time I enjoy being active (playing sports and exercising), spending time with friends and family, reading, and watching movies.

Ryan Clinkscales – Worship Leader

Hi, I’m Ryan, and I have a new life in Christ. I have been granted freedom from, and yet continue to, recover fully from seeking the approval of others, the lust of my flesh, and my own laziness. That’s how I introduce myself after having gone through a 12-step recovery program called Regeneration. I identify myself first with Christ and announce the things He has covered for me.
I began calling Jesus my Savior when I was in elementary school, and loved telling my friends about how awesome He was and how much joy He could bring. Unfortunately, I was also introduced to sexual sin and the world of pornography in elementary school. This soon became an addiction that I would battle on and off for years. I struggled at times, feeling shame and guilt, and I wasn’t sure if Jesus really was willing to forgive me, a lowly sinner. I was reaffirmed by friends and leaders at church all the way through high school, but when I went to college, my faith became very real to me. It was something I wanted to invest my time in. I began digging into God’s Word on a consistent basis, and was fortunate to have had a group of roommates (Six of us slept in one room. Don’t ask.) who all wanted the same thing: accountability for our sin and growth in Christ. I still call them all close friends today, and we take joy in seeing each other lead our families.
I am a Texas kid, born in Houston and raised here in the metroplex. I am beyond blessed to have married an incredible woman, and we have two beautiful daughters. God is good, all the time.

Elizabeth Keller – Accountant

I grew up in a military family that did not approve of church or church-goers. In spite of this, I always felt drawn to church. I met my husband, Michael, while we were attending the University of Washington. Michael was already committed to the U.S. Navy. We were married in 1979 and three days later we made the first of our many moves.
During Michael’s active duty service, we attended many churches in many different states. Each time we moved, we had a better idea of what we were looking for in a church. During this time, I grew from merely attending church to recognizing a saving faith. With that recognition came a hunger to study God’s word. When we returned to the Seattle area in 1990, we found a Bible teaching church, where we actively pursued bible study. In 2011, Michael’s civilian job moved us to DFW.
When we found MCC, we stopped looking for a church. My highest priority was met: messages that are scripture based. We also felt welcome. I love that there are several opportunities each week to gather in prayer. I also appreciate the variety of small groups. When I decided to leave corporate accounting, I was excited to use my occupation in support God’s work through MCC.
Michael and I have two married sons and four grandchildren.

Jaide Walker – Social media manager

Howdy! I am the youngest member of the MCC staff and I’m excited to be serving the Lord with my unique technical gifts. I grew up in Houston, and moved to Coppell in middle school. I knew Jesus and participated in church as a kid, but I really came to accept Him in my life in sophomore year in High School while attending MCC. The community existed well beyond the church doors, and was made up of compassionate and kind people who wanted to see me know Jesus better and were persistent about it. They helped me understand the difference between being a Christian and having a relationship with Jesus that gave new value to my life.
Since then, I’ve bounced around volunteering all over MCC starting with children’s ministry, then the worship team, and really anywhere else they’d let me! I spent a lot of time growing, learning, and letting the Lord lead my life wherever he sees fit. I’ve been loved in all things and supported in all things here at MCC and I’m grateful to continue serving here. 
MCC continues to be a part of my journey in this new season of my life with the World Race, and the community’s support has allowed me to be prayed for and funded for my 9-month-long mission trip, which begins in September of 2021. I was also given the opportunity to participate in the Summer Internship Program, which led me through the entire bible. I was given opportunities to volunteer within the Student Ministry and prepared with tools for sharing the Gospel. 
I’m excited to get to share this church with the online world, and hopefully allow them to support and love others like they have me!