Growing up in the suburbs of Dallas, I was raised in and around the church. Family prayer and devotions were the norm in my household. As a young child I remember understanding that I was broken, and that Jesus loved me and died for me. Thus as a five-year-old, though I only had a five-year-old understanding of the Gospel, I decided to follow Jesus as the Lord of my life.
Into middle school and high school, I grew in ownership of my faith. Desiring to spend time with God and obey his commands. I was able to grow in leadership and discipleship at my church and school. During this season my awareness of own depravity came into the light in a new way as I sought the approval of my peers and came into contact with pornography. This is a season where I began to live a dual life, struggling with my own depravity in isolation, but trying to live a life pleasing to God in community.
As I went to college, God brought me to my knees as my sin began affecting those around me. My eyes were opened to the pride and self-righteousness in my life and I began to realize my need for God’s lordship in my life. After spending two years doing college ministry with Cru at Kansas State University, my alma mater, I moved back to Dallas where I got involved with a Residency program at Watermark Community Church, developing my heart for the local church.
Through these experiences, I recognized my passion for service and shepherding and a God-given desire to pastor God’s people. Through a family friend I was first introduced to Metrocrest and was quickly impressed with the humility and faithfulness of the church and it’s leadership. I eagerly jumped on board September 2017 as the Minister of Discipleship. In September of 2021, I accepted the call to become the Lead Pastor at MCC.
I have been married to my wife Abbey for three years and we currently reside in Coppell. In my free time, I enjoy being active (playing sports and exercising), spending time with friends and family, reading, and watching movies.