Ryan Clinkscales
Worship Leader

Hi, I’m Ryan, and I have a new life in Christ. I have been granted freedom from, and yet continue to, recover fully from seeking the approval of others, the lust of my flesh, and my own laziness. That’s how I introduce myself after having gone through a 12-step recovery program called Regeneration. I identify myself first with Christ and announce the things He has covered for me.
I began calling Jesus my Savior when I was in elementary school, and loved telling my friends about how awesome He was and how much joy He could bring. Unfortunately, I was also introduced to sexual sin and the world of pornography in elementary school. This soon became an addiction that I would battle on and off for years. I struggled at times, feeling shame and guilt, and I wasn’t sure if Jesus really was willing to forgive me, a lowly sinner.
I was reaffirmed by friends and leaders at church all the way through high school, but when I went to college, my faith became very real to me. It was something I wanted to invest my time in. I began digging into God’s Word on a consistent basis, and was fortunate to have had a group of roommates (Six of us slept in one room. Don’t ask.) who all wanted the same thing: accountability for our sin and growth in Christ. I still call them all close friends today, and we take joy in seeing each other lead our families.
I am a Texas kid, born in Houston and raised here in the metroplex. I am beyond blessed to have married an incredible woman, and we have two beautiful daughters. God is good, all the time.