Loving God and Loving Others
Loving Others
How do we love God, someone we can’t see, touch or hear? Pleasing someone is one way we show our love. God calls anything that pleases Him worship. Have you ever noticed when two people love each other for a long time they begin to finish one another’s sentences? We also love God in that same way, by beginning to think, feel and act like He does. Becoming like God is what we call discipleship. At MCC we’re committed to pursuing our love for God through worship and discipleship.
Loving others can be even more difficult than loving God, because we can see, touch and hear them! Let’s face it; we can all be difficult to live with! That makes loving others a high aspiration. We love one another through sharing our lives, not just our roaring successes but also our deepest sorrows. We love one another by being constantly, consistently present in one another’s lives. God calls this fellowship, and MCC is committed to cultivating a caring community of friends.

The Vision of MCC

MCC exists to assimilate people from unchurched or nominally-churched backgrounds into church life that transforms them into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. This will be done through promoting attitudes of love, acceptance, and forgiveness that make MCC a safe place to bring and include family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.
 MCC Doctrinal Statements (What We Believe)