From a Married Couple:
When we first heard about FPU, we thought it was a great program, but that we didn’t really need it. We’d stopped all credit card debt soon after we married 30+ years ago, and our only monthly debt payments were for our cars and our house. We gave to our church and supported many missionaries monthly.
We thought, “There’s no way to avoid the debt we have, so we’re doing pretty good.”
However, we decided to go through the program to see what additional improvements we could make. We were blown away by what the Lord did in our lives through what we learned in FPU.
Within a year, we paid off our cars, and have bought all our cars with cash, saving thousands in the deals, for the last 8 years. We saved thousands in insurance costs, accelerated paying off our house, and accelerated saving for retirement, …. All the while, continuing to give, and even increased our giving. We saw the Lord open the floodgates of heaven and pour out more blessing than we could hold.
…And since moving (into a new house) two years ago, we’ve been running like gazelles to pay it off. With less than 10% owed on it, we fully anticipate paying it off this year. That is something we would never have accomplished without following the principles we learned in FPU nine years ago.
Loving life fully in Jesus, …