Missed a Sunday?

Each Sunday we gather for worship and a message at 10:15am. Here’s the place where you can catch up on our sermon series.  Just click on the picture to see the list of sermons that accompanied the series.
Taking a deep look at the story of Joshua, we are challenged by our need to be more courageous in this life–after all, the Lord is with us and promises to never abandon us!
MCC welcomes Geo Ammerman to the staff. Click the pic to learn more about his heart and passion for ministry.
Hear about the good news that’s it’s not always about correcting what’s wrong or stopping bad behavior.
Sundays in July were spent remembering how baptism is a very real and wonderful declaration of our dependence on Jesus Christ for all that we do.
We took a deep look at Psalm 84, and saw just how wonderful it is to be in God’s house.
MCC sometimes has guest speakers who provide individual messages. Whenever we are in transition between series, we might also have a special, “one and done” sermon.