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Wayne McDonald
Johnny Robinson
Kurt Moriak
Dan Armenta
Bill Randolph
Marty Longoria
Nancy Shaunessy
Michael Keller
Dalton Souders
Jim Hampton
Linda Robinson
Metrocrest’s leadership consists of complementary teams of Elders and Deacons. Elders are charged with overseeing the ministry, directing the mission, and maintaining the vision of MCC. Deacons serve to fulfill those duties delegated by the Elders, primarily administrative and service tasks which might otherwise distract the Elders from their duties.
We believe that the multiplicity of Elders, combined with the complementary work of Deacons, best honors the Biblical model and benefits the church with greater overall accountability as well as deeper, richer, more discerning wisdom. All of us are better than any one of us.
Wayne McDonald – Pastor
I was born and raised in north Mississippi. My spiritual journey began at age five while sitting on my mother’s lap, hearing the story of Jesus’ crucifixion. As Mom explained the Lord’s innocence and goodness, that Jesus was voluntarily accepting the punishment we all deserved for disobeying God’s law, a little boy’s heart was captivated. I’ve never gotten over it!
When it came time to go to college, I chose to attend The University of Mississippi, better known as Ole Miss. There I was engaged in an excellent campus Christian group, The Navigators, which cultivated my faith to grow richer and deeper. In 1979 I graduated with a business degree, but as an upper-classman God began leading me to prepare for a life in ministry. Upon graduation I began a Master’s program at Columbia International University (formerly Columbia Bible College) in Columbia, South Carolina. After two years there I was convinced that God wanted me to pursue pastoral training at Dallas Theological Seminary. So, I moved to Dallas and began work on a Master of Theology degree, which I received in 1986. While at DTS, I served in various roles in the Single Adult Ministry of First Baptist Church, Dallas.
Along the way I met my match in a young attorney named Brenda Nichols. We married in 1988 while serving Coronado Baptist Church in El Paso, Texas. God began to stir us up with a specific desire to plant a non-denominational church that would reach folks who might not associate themselves with more traditional, “name-brand” styles of church.
On April Fool’s Day, 1990, Metrocrest Community Church was born through the efforts of six like-minded friends, and the fellowship has kept me hopping ever since!
During those early years the Lord gave us two magnificent gifts, Claire and Meredith, who own their father’s heart. Both purposefully choose to follow Christ daily as young adults, for which both Mom and Dad are joyously grateful. In 2014 Claire married a gifted and Godly young man, Graham McMillan, who also walks with God.
Brenda and I are thrilled and thankful for God’s continuous grace and generosity to us. We would love to walk alongside you as you, too, discover the long reach of God’s goodness.
Johnny Robinson – Elder
I was born in Dallas, but spent my school years in Booker, Texas a small town in the northeast corner of the panhandle. It was at the First Baptist Church in Booker at the age of 11 that I surrendered my life to Christ at a revival. It wasn’t until my second year at Texas Tech that I began to experience the vivid taste of Christ. That is when I met Linda Higginbotham, who introduced me to a Bible church where I began to understand that salvation was just the first rung on the ladder and sanctification was a lifelong journey. Oh, by the way, Linda Higginbotham became Linda Robinson in December of 1974.
Linda and I have been blessed with three children who are now adults, Amy, Alyson and John Micah and a son-in-law, Arie Katz who is married to Amy.
My spiritual journey began to grow exponentially when I was introduced to Bible Study Fellowship in 1980. It was there by the in depth study of God’s Word that I began to understand the magnitude of God’s love for me and what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ.
For the past 10 years I have served in various leadership roles in BSF and currently serve as Area Advisor to the evening men’s classes in DFW and North Central Texas.
Linda and I have been a part of MCC for the past 4 years and have served in various roles. I count it a privilege to serve the families of MCC for the cause of Christ.
Kurt Moriak – Elder
I was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1962. I am the youngest of four brothers. My parents were very loving and our family has always been close knit. When I was about a year old my father’s job took us to Texas and that’s where I’ve lived, more or less, ever since. I grew up attending a Lutheran church in Irving and I was confirmed in the faith when I was about fourteen.
I attended the University of Texas at Arlington where I obtained a degree in aerospace engineering. During my time in college I had begun to drift away from the church and prayer became less frequent. Shortly after graduation I landed a job in Fort Worth. After a year-long assignment in California, I returned to Texas and met my wife, Maureen. She was God’s answer to one of the few prayers I had offered up during my year away. We were married in 1992 and settled down in Bedford. In 1999 we adopted Samantha. She too is an answer to prayer. Sam is now in high school and will be graduating in 2017.
In the mid-nineties, Maureen and I discovered MCC through word of mouth. Instantly we realized that this was a church we could connect with. We found the people to be very welcoming and were attracted to the Bible-centered message. I find that the scripture, when taken in context and explored in detail, comes alive and takes on meaning in ways I had not experienced before. I have served previously as Deacon at MCC and, in 2010, traveled to India as part of an MCC mission team.
Being one who is prone to worry, I find comfort in John 14:27. “Peace I leave you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid”.
Dan Armenta – Elder
I was raised in the Catholic Faith, but stopped attending church as a teenager.
I came back to the church in 1999 for the purpose of building a Christian foundation for my family. I have continued to grow in my walk with Christ, but only within the last 5 years I feel that I have more clearly come to understand Gods purpose for me. My focus today is to use God’s love, guidance and his gifts to me, to serve others. I feel blessed in so many ways to be part of the MCC family. With each year I find more ways to serve our church and others through God’s love and that brings me great joy. I’ve learned what is most important and who is really in control. A verse I consistently refer to is Psalm 46:10. “Be still I know that I am God”. Yes I know He is lord over all.
I am married to my wife Mistie, and have 3 sons: Nicholas, Drew and Justin. I served as a Deacon at MCC from 2005 – 2010.

Bill Randolph – Elder
I am a Dallas native, a graduate of SMU, a CPA in the state of Texas, a life-long single, but best of all–a sinner saved by the grace of Jesus Christ. I enjoyed the opportunity to do significant studies in theology at Dallas Theological Seminary in the late 80’s. I once lived in Cambridge, Ontario for two years and have traveled for business extensively and still welcome the idea of a trip somewhere! I love a good book, a good meal, a good wine and again, best of all–a good conversation with a seeking soul or a Christian friend.
The most important thing I have done is to found MCC in 1990 with my good friend and pastor, Wayne and his wife Brenda. Other good friends helped us—Tracy, Karen and Diana. Those days seem long ago but they were the foundation of what we do here in Coppell. It was a sweet time then and remains so. That investment has yielded a great place of community for many. All are welcome to taste and see that the Lord is good! Come join us.
Marty Longoria – Elder
I’ve been a member of MCC since the spring of 2012. At that time, my wife and I felt God telling us to find a church family closer to our home. We discovered MCC when we saw their sign that stated to “Like Us on Facebook”. We thought any church desiring to follow God, and also be liked that way, must be a pretty cool family to be a part of.
I was born in Laredo, Texas in 1964, and raised in Del Rio by my mom, along with my older sister and brother. I grew up in the Catholic church where I was baptized and confirmed as a small child. When I went off to college, I began to realize that I had a religion, but not a relationship. I was introduced to Jesus by total strangers. It made sense to me, later, that knowing Jesus was more than going to church or following rules. That, instead, it was an ongoing conversation, where I listened more than I spoke; which was very odd for me. Not long after this, I met my wife, Marla, and we began a married journey together. We actively participated in children’s ministry and youth ministry, while raising our daughter Sharayah. During youth ministry, our family grew with the addition of our son, Mark, a young teen in need of parents.
In 2007, I felt a call to teaching and became an elementary school Art Teacher in inner city Dallas. I later graduated to middle school, and I now teach art in Arlington. I also love teaching adults via classes at the Lewisville Painting With A Twist.
I think a life with Christ is meant to infiltrate all aspects of my day-to-day living. I enjoy listening to the Word of God, sharing with others the lessons he’s taught me, and encouraging them to hear his voice as well. One of my favorite verses is Romans 12:2 which prompts me to not be conformed to the ways of this world, but to be transformed by daily renewing my mind and focusing on my God, my Savior Jesus, because his will for me is good, pleasing, and perfect
I believe that MCC offers a firm foundation for those seeking to know Christ, and desiring to grow in their relationship with him.
MCC’s Deacons serve the more pragmatic needs of the church – primarily the administrative and logistical functions. In partnership with the Elders, Deacons are to be followers of Jesus who exhibit good character, aiding the Elders in keeping watch over the flock of God.
Nancy Shaunessy – Deacon
I am a lot of things; Native Dallasite, A&M graduate, Wife, Mom (empty-nester), Relocation Professional and lover of fun. Most importantly I am a child of God. Being raised Presbyterian and my husband raised Catholic, it seemed to make sense to find a non-denominational church. Our introduction to MCC was through a dinner group in 1994. We fell in love with the people that we got to know through small groups as well as the Christ centered Bible-based teaching. A fairly new deacon (6/16), I am called to help others know Christ and grow in their personal relationship with Him and hopefully to become part of our church community.
I’ve been blessed beyond measure but certainly have had seasons I would not have survived without God’s strength and grace and His promise to love me unconditionally. You can do life anywhere but it is a lot of fun at MCC and you are always welcome.
My life verse: Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O LORD, my rock and my Redeemer.
Michael Keller – Deacon
I grew up in a family that had strong Catholic faith and belief in the importance of involvement with the church. After college, I spent eleven years in the military. We moved around the country a lot and attended many different Catholic communities. As a result of our experiences, we learned about what we were really seeking in a church. After leaving active duty and returning home to Washington State, at 33 yrs. old, I first really heard a Bible teaching sermon, and as a result, my heart & soul were filled by the Word of God, leading me to give my life to the Lord. I have grown much since then and became very active in our Bible teaching church.
Elizabeth and I moved to Texas in 2011 and sought a Bible believing and teaching church. What we found in Metrocrest is a loving community of believers who desire to live and grow in their faith. We have served and continue to serve in various ways, from
Sunday school teaching, elder outreach, and Men’s fellowship;
I am now with serving as a deacon with MCC. I am thankful and blessed to have Elizabeth, my wife in my life with whom I have been married to for over 37 yrs. My two sons have their own families and we have 4 grandchildren.
Dalton Souders – Deacon
I was raised in the Baptist Faith. Attended church sporadically as a teenager. I accepted Christ in to my life my junior year of High School, but drifted away from church for approximately 10yrs. I came back to the church in 1991 after the birth of my first child Austin, to be the leader of my family and have CHRIST as my foundation for them.
I have been married to my wife Olga since 1989. We have 4 kids: Austin, Avery, Isabella (Bella) and Mercedes (Mercy). We have attended Metrocrest Community Church since 1991.
Jim Hampton – Deacon
I was born and raised in Dallas and grew up going to church with my mother and sister. It was not until I was a sophomore at the University of Texas in Austin that I understood that Jesus Christ died to pay for my sin and to make it possible for me to have a right relationship with God. I accepted that free gift and have been walking with Him ever since.
I have attended Metrocrest Community Church since 2008, and have been on the Finance Committee since 2012.
I have been married to Linda since 2009. She was widowed in 2005, and has a son and a daughter from that marriage. I have two sons from a previous marriage. I have served on MCC mission teams in two separate trips to India, and hope to make many more trips in the future.
Linda Robinson – Deacon
In my early teens I heard the gospel presented at a local church. Some months later I placed my life and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and found new life in him. God in his incredible goodness placed people in my life that nurtured me and poured God’s love into me. God planted me in a church where God’s Word was taught loud and clear and made applicable to my daily living.
In college I met Johnny Robinson, a young man with a big heart and deeply growing desire to know and make Christ known. Believing that Christ in his perfect had brought us together we married in Dec of 1974. God has blessed us with three amazing children, Amy, Alyson and John Micah. Amy is married to Arie Katz and in June 2016 they have given us our first grandchild, Ezra.
Early in our marriage God lead our little family to Bible Study Fellowship. It was there that God built deeply into me and trained me up to lead and serve. I began to understand who I was in Christ and how he wired me to serve.
Women’s Ministry is my heartbeat and joy and it is my honor to lead and support the women’s ministry at MCC.